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MVC Series - Medium Voltage Coupler

Cylindrical, Metal, Medium Voltage, RADSOK® Power Coupler


Amphenol Industrial Global Operations (AIGO) offers many products and solutions for the mining market. A hazardous industry by its very nature, mine sites must rely heavily on electrical equipment. The safe and reliable transfer of electricity throughout a site is a significant concern. When looking for the best interconnect for the job, AIGO’s MVC 600V, 8KV, or 15KV cable couplers with “Rapid-Couple” technology will not leave you guessing. The MVC incorporates patented RADSOK® contact technology for higher amperages (20% to 25% greater than a standard contact), lower T-rises, less resistance and reduced mating forces.

Engineered to Amphenol's high standards for ruggedness and reliability there is no field condition in the world that can impede the MVC. Our Rapid-Couple interlock method makes for a coupler with a quick and easy mating/unmating system. This provides for positive mating and secure fitting covers that repel water and soil while keeping the contacts uncontaminated. The MVC coupler has been remarkably designed with a wide range of features and benefits that makes this the coupler of choice for the mining industry.

Other Applicable Markets: Shore Power, Tunneling, and Utility


Features & Benefits
·         Up to 15KV / 600 amps
·         Aluminum Housing
·         Incorporates patented RADSOK® contact technology leading to 20% - 25% more current in the same size contact, while reducing mating forces
·         Rapid-Couple mating technology
·         Fire retardant insulators
·         Coupler mating is a one person operation without the need for expensive tools or closing mechanisms
·         All parts are replaceable and can be serviced easily in the field, equaling less downtime for repairs


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