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 High Amperage, Board Level, Power, R4 RADSOK® Technology


Modern electronics are consuming higher power levels than ever before. Conventional Board level interconnects often trade board space for higher amperage or increase the thicknesses of copper traces in the PCB or backplane. Other options increase the quantity of the wires in the incoming power cable. Amphenol’s RADSOK® PGY™ provides a method of bringing power horizontally to the board.


 Features & Benefits


·         RADSOK® Highest Power to Board Product
·         High Power to Board in a Small Footprint
·         Available in two Sizes, 3.6mm (70A) and 5.7mm (120A)
·         Orthogonal Card Edge Power Device
·         Eliminates Potential of Cracking Boards from Threaded Fasteners
·         Legs of PGY Dissipate High Power Evenly
·         No Special Crimp Tools Needed. PGY™ Legs Attach Through a Solder Reflow Process
·         Standard Crimp or Application Specific Pins Available
·         Radial Socket Design Ensures Multiple Points of Contact and Efficient Heat Disspation
·         Silver Plated Electrical Engagement Area Standard






 ·         RoHS Compliant



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