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RADSOK® Power to Board


Amphenol Industrial Global Operations introduces the RADSOK® R4 high current contact system, the next generation of the proven RADSOK® line of power connectors. The laser welded construction of the R4 contact delivers the same performance as the original RADSOK® contact in a smaller package that is optimized for high volume manufacturing. RADSOK® connectors are available for board-to-board, wire-to-board and busbar-to-board configurations.

RADSOK® R4 Power to Board connectors can accommodate PCB power interconnection from 35A to more than 200A. The system's hyperbolic grid contact provides multiple points of contact and high contact surface area for efficient and low contact resistance power transmission. The proven RADSOK® radial contact design offers superior mechanical and electrical performance for high current board termination.

For greater gatherability or enhanced radial float tolerance in applications that require blind mate or mechanical robustness, RADSOK® Super Twist R4 contacts are available.

Amphenol's RADSOK® R4 technology is available in the following configurations:

• RadStak™, a high current mezzanine board stacking system
• RadFin™, a low profile, right angle receptacle with heat dissipation feature
• PowerBlok™, ideal for busbar and blindmate power connection to the PCB utilizing the RADSOK® Super Twist contact      system
• RADSERT™, contacts that provides a high power-to-board interconnect
• PGY™, an orthogonal connector series available in multiples sizes from 35A to 150A



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