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RADSOK® PowerBlok™ WTB

High Amperage, Wire to Board, Power, R4 RADSOK® Technology

The Amphenol Industrial Products Group offers a line of low profile wire to board connectors. Our PowerBlok™ WTB power connectors use patented RADSOK® contact technology to meet the increasing power requirements of printed circuit boards and the need for smaller board footprint. Offered in vertical or horizontal mating planes as single-point contact terminals, the WTB product line gives the versatility needed when component placement decisions are crucial. Supplied in easily automated tape-and-reel packaging and designed as pin through hole placement commonly used in the industry. Integration is straightforward whether from design onset or as a component replacement. With the addition of a removable lock housing, mating to the board can remain intact under harsh vibration environments.


Features & Benefits

·         RADSOK® sizes 2.4mm and 3.6mm
·         35A and 70A rated single point of contact
·         Low profile right angle exit less than ½ inch mated height
·         12-14 AWG or 6-8 AWG crimp contact with insulated latching housings
·         RADSOK® Socket and pin / silver over nickel plating
·         Crimp barrel and receptacle body / tin over nickel plating

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