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PT / 26482 Series I

Cylindrical, Metal, Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power & Signal Connector


Amphenol Miniature Cylindrical connectors offer twice the number of contacts in just half the size of a standard connector. These miniature connectors are available in several series, each with varying design characteristics and customer options to meet cost considerations and provide maximum design flexibility. This series features gold plated contacts in either solder or crimp. Available as the MS part number or commercial equivalents.


Features & Benefits
·            ¼ Turn Mating
·            Versatility for Power and Signal
·            Triple Fully Mated Indicators
·            500+ Mating Cycles
·            Resilient Neoprene Insert
·            Variety of Shell Styles
·            Available with Solder, Crimp, PCB, Coax, Thermocouple, or Hermetic
·            Contacts Plated with Gold
·            Intermateable/Interchangeable with Cannon’s KPT Series
·            Variety of Finishes Available


·         RoHS Compliant
·         IP67 in the mated condition with E class hardware

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