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PT-305 Back in the Water!

Amphenol Industrial Operations (AIO) is proud to have sponsored The National WWII Museum in their endeavor to bring the PT-305 back to the water. The restoration began ten years ago and AIO has been involved since 2014. By supplying 97 Series connectors the PT-305 team was able to faithfully and accurately restore the boat’s instrumentation and electrical systems. The full AIO bill of material for the PT-305 can be downloaded by clicking here.

The following text and media are provided courtesy of The National WWII Museum


After PT-305’s epic journey (see video), she is back in Louisiana waters where she was originally tested for combat readiness by Higgins Industries more than 70 years ago. Her story continues as she undergoes important Coast Guard testing and sea trials to ensure she’ll be ready to give rides to the public. This exciting new chapter comes with additional costs: fuel, crew training, and insurance must all be taken into account.

Once these examinations are complete, PT-305 —the only restored and operational combat-veteran PT boat in existence—will return to service for a whole new kind of mission. Soon to be housed in a new, custom-built boathouse at Lakeshore Landing, PT-305 will soon offer an amazing living-history experience through thrilling rides and fascinating tours—all on the water where Higgins first put her through her paces.


PT-305 is almost home, but she needs your help—give a gift now and see it doubled! Thanks to a generous donor, all gifts will be matched dollar for dollar (up to $50,000), which means you can double your impact.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact Rebecca Carleton. Call her at 504-528-1944 x 396 or mail correspondence to 945 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130.
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