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RadCrimp™ Solar Splice with Melni Spiral Termination Technology

Panel, Power, Solar Connector


Amphenol, a world leader in connectors, approached Melni Technologies, looking for a crimpless connector for their global solar division. 

Problems encountered in field connections included poor crimps, installation error and inter-mating with different manufacturer’s products. Crimping, by its nature, is very difficult to do correctly. It was their idea to duplicate the success of our MC Series into a Solar Connector. The Amphenol RADCrimp with Melni Technologies’ has passed all in house testing for the IEC and UL.

When UL (Underwriters’ Laboratories) asked if we would participate in a new test that was administered by applying 10,000 cycles of lifting a three to four pound weight while under load (Amperage, Voltage, Resistance and Temperature), we passed with flying colors! The RADCrimp will be the fastest and most reliable Solar connector on the market! We are looking forward to a continuous relationship of innovation with Amphenol.

Features & Benefits

·         Features Melni Spiral Termination Technology
·         Simple and fast termination
·         Field termination and sealing without special tools
·         Low resistance wire termination and sealing in one action
·         Innovative Melni Spiral Termination Technology is low resistance and reliable


·         IP68 Sealing protection
·         UL – 6703

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