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High Amperage, Board Level, Power, R4 RADSOK® Technology


Amphenol’s RADSOK® enabled SMT RADSERT™ provides a versatile interconnect for high current/high power board to board mezzanine applications. The SMT RADSERT™ is ideal for bringing power to the board from mezzanine cards or busbars suspended above the board. Custom board stack heights are easily accommodated.

RADSERT™ interconnects are low profile, single point, high current contacts that can be applied to a PCB or busbar. Also available with “Super Twist” technology for enhanced lead in and radial mis-alignment tolerance to accommodate multiple mating positions or blind mate applications. RADSERT™ termination options include SMT, knurl “Press-fit” or wave solder with a current carrying capability up to 200A


Features & Benefits


·         The SMT RADSERT™ is preferred for PCB applications for efficient current transmission and ease of application
·         High power to board interconnect in a small package
·         Perfect for mezzanine applications
·         RADSOK® R4 hyperbolic socket design ensures many points of contact
·         The SMT RADSERT™ is compatible with standard surface mount board fabrication processes
·         RADSERT™ 2.4mm (35A), 3.0mm (60A), 3.6mm (70A), 5.7mm (120A) & 8.0mm (200A)
·         No special crimp tools required
·         No threaded fasteners
·         Faster through-put




·         RoHS Compliant


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