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Quick Disconnect, 3-Pole, Composite, RADSOK® R4 Technology.
RoboLok™ is a 3 position, high current primary circuit connector. Featuring Amphenol® RADSOK® technology, it delivers superior performance over a broad range of wire gages. RoboLok™ preforms well in harsh environments, and can hit up to 240A (continuous) with a 60K T‐Rise. RoboLok™ is ideal for industrial robots and other harsh industrial applications.


Features & Benefits
·         2+PE configuration with FMLB
·         1000V AC or DC; 50Hz – 3kHz
·         Light weight composite housings
·         Compact, modular design with highest current ratings from RADSOK®
·         240A Current Rating (60K T‐Rise)
·         Quick disconnect solutions for minimized downtime
·         Tool‐less assembly and easy maintainance



·         IP67 Rated


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