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Connector Series Ideal for use in the Mining Industry




Amphenol Industrial Global Operations has updated its third party approvals of the Starline EX and Amphe-EX series of connectors to meet hazardous area classifications and expands its support into new markets. These harsh environment connectors are ideal for use in the mining industry.

Amphenol’s Starline EX and Amphe-EX now meet hazardous area classifications for both American and Canadian EX ratings as well as those in Brazil and Australia. Before, the connector line only met hazardous classifications ATEX and IECEx which were prevalent for the European market. All of the connectors in the Starline EX and Amphe-EX series are put through vigorous testing to meet third party approvals, including but not limited to flammability resistance, temperature resistance, temperature rise and hydrostatic pressure testing.


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