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Submariner Series

Cylindrical, Metal, Rubber, Threaded Coupling, Underwater, Dry Mate


The Amphenol Industrial Products Group is proud to offer a series of Subsurface dry-mate connectors. The Submariner 5500-Series is manufactured by our Amphenol Oil & Gas Technologies division. These underwater electrical connectors are extremely rugged and reliable. The rugged metal shells and recessed pins assure reliable performance in the most demanding environments. All polymer-to-metal bonding surfaces are carefully sandblasted, cleaned, primed, and molded using proven techniques and bonding agents. The Submariner 5500-Series is available in 3 different shell sizes and a variety of configurations with wire gauges ranging from 10-16 AWG.


Features & Benefits
·         Depth: > 6,000 meters (600 bar)
·         Operating Temperature: -5˚C to 65˚C
·         Max Operating Voltage: 600V
·         Machine-molded Neoprene insulation material
·         Made from 316 Stainless Steel
·         Gold-plated Contacts per MIL-G 45204 at 30 microns
·         Cable assembly/pigtail available
·         Fully compatible with other industry standard connectors


·         MIL-G 45204

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