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SurLok Plus™


Quick Lock and Press-to-Release Design, Plastic, RADSOK® Technology 
The SurLok Plus™ compression lug is a field installable, highly reliable alternative to common compression lugs. Using industry standard crimp, screw, and busbar termination options, thus eliminating the need to purchase special torque tools.

Amphenol’s SurLok Plus™ is an environmentally sealed version of our original SurLok™ but available in smaller sizes, and features a quick lock and press- to-release design. Incorporating the latest R4 RADSOK® Technology, SurLok Plus™ is a compact, quick mating, and robust product line.

The RADSOK® high amperage contact technology utilizes high tensile strength properties of a stamped and formed, high conductivity alloy grid to produce low insertion forces while maintaining a large conductive surface area.

The R4 version of the RADSOK® represents the culmination of three years of research and development in laser welding copper based alloys.
Features & Benefits
·         R4 RADSOK® Technology
·         Touch Proof
·         Quick lock and press-to-release design
·         “Keyway” design to prevent incorrect mating
·         360° rotating plug
·         Various termination options (Threaded, Crimp, Busbar)
·         Compact robust design
·         EMI Shielding and HVIL Function Available



·         IP67 Rated

·         UL 1977 (Standard Non-EMI Version)


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