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UPC Connectors for HEV

Rectangular, Plastic, Latch Coupling, Touch Proof, Power Connector


UPC (Ultimate Power Connector) is a plastic power connector series designed to be used in the hybrid electric vehicle and heavy equipment markets. The 2-pole and 3-pole connectors incorporate patented RADSOK® technology which provides higher amperage, lower T-rise and voltage drop, and less resistance. RADSOK’s twisted grid configuration allows for up to 50% more current to pass through the same size pin, while providing increased reliability and cycle durability, as well as lower mating forces.

The compact plastic shell structure is light weight with a small footprint. There is a 9.1mm and 14.0mm version which can carry currents up to 200A to 500A, field installable and repairable. These attributes make the UPC robust and the interconnect of choice for the EV and Hybrid markets.


Features & Benefits
·         Plastic shell, light weight
·         Compact design for space considerations with EVs
·         Wide amperage range (200-500A)
·         Low mating/un-mating force
·         Durability: 100 mating cycles minimum
·         Touch Proof (UL 2251)
·         HVIL
·         EMI (60db/100M)


·          UL 2251
·          UL 94V-0

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