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UPT Connector Series

Cylindrical, Plastic, Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power & Signal Connector®


Amphenol Industrial Products Group has expanded its PT Series product line with a new plastic bayonet connector. The UPT provides more options for industrial interconnect markets that do not require a metal shell or Mil-Spec equivalents.

Based on the 26482 Series I, UPT is a plastic shell interconnect with a metal bayonet coupling system and crimp contacts. Featuring a light weight design, smaller footprint and easy field installation the UPT is a cost effective industrial connector solution.


Features & Benefits
·         Contact Sizes and Arrangements: 12 & 16 Stamped & Formed crimp contacts, two insert arrangements available (24-32 & 24-48)
·         Intermateable with Souriau TrimTrio, UTO, and ITT Trident Ringlock
·         Wall Mount, Jam Nut, and Straight Plug Shell Styles
·         Plastic Shell, Light Weight
·         Metallic Bayonet Coupling, Molded Ring on Receptacle
·         Quick Connect/Disconnect
·         Multiple back shell sealing accessories


·          IP67
·          RoHS Compliant


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