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Cylindrical, Metal & Composite, Reverse Bayonet, Harsh Environment, Power Connector


The Wind-Lok® is a reverse bayonet connector which incorporates our patented RADSOK® technology. It is designed to deliver high power from source to load. The plug contains an 18mm RADSOK® socket and Receptacle contains an 18mm pin with the option of crimp, 2 hole busbar, or threaded busbar termination. When unmated personal safety is maintained through a  touchproof contact design. The RADSOK’s strongest benefit is its very low milli-volt drop and minimized temperature rise when transmitting high current. The 18mm Wind-Lok® is perfectly suited for high amperage applications such as electrical generators, fuel cells, load banks, and charging systems.




Features & Benefits
·         ¼ Turn Mating
·         Crimp or Busbar Termination
·         Silver Plated Contacts
·         Finger Proof
·         Current: 800 Amp
·         Voltage: DC 2500V
·         Operating Temperature: -40°C to +125°C
·         2000 Mating Cycles
·         300 Day Salt Spray Rating


·         RoHS Compliant


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